Help us stretch our budget
by contributing to the list below :)


Acrylic paint Crayons left handed round edge scissors Plastic cups
Bandanas Dry erase markers Magnet strips Popsicle sticks
Beads Duct tape Markers Poster board
Brown paper bags Elmer’s glue mason jars Round edge scissors
Clay face paint Paint brushes Sidewalk chalk
Coffee filters foam stickers Painting Canvases (8x10) stamp pads
Colored pencils glitter Paper plates Stickers
Construction paper Glue sticks Pastels Tempera paint
Craft materials Glue sticks for glue gun Pencil sharpeners Tissue paper
craft scissors hand stamps Pipe cleaners T-shirts plain white


Air Hockey pucks & paddles Arcade-style games Board games foosballs
Heavy duty bean bag chairs

Billiard supplies---
racks, sticks, & balls

xBox One games xBox One gaming systems (3)
personal hygiene products xBox360 games
(not rated M)
xBox 360 remotes Wii Romotes


30 practice Jerseys(2 colors)

Flag football flags (40, assorted colors) Megaphone Soft dodge balls (20)
Base Set Footballs (5 each)--
middle school and elementary
Metal ball cages (2) Sports supply kit
Basketballs (5 each)-- teen, middle school, & elementary) Frisbees (10) Projector Volleyballs
Blow-up movie screen Giant parachute Scoreboards (2) Whiffle balls
Blowhorn Kickballs (5) Soccer balls (10)  
Cone sets-- flat and 18" Lacrosse set  Soccer goals  

Learning Center & Group Clubs

Animal Flashcards Cameras (5) Remote control airplanes Small sandbox
Balsa wood Lego robotics kits (6) Rocket model sets (5)  
calculators (10) Pencil sharpener Rosetta Stone (Spanish)  
 Pens & Pencils      


AA Batteries Band-aids Bulletin Boards(4) Cardboard recycling bins (4)
colored copy paper clorox wipes Kleenex Laminators (2)
laminating pouches Paper towels toothbrushes