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It all started in 1860, when three women in Hartford, CT decided to take in some young boys that were roaming the streets; the forgotten youth of the Industrial Revolution. These caring ladies planted the seeds of what would eventually become The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. By 2012, their grassroots efforts has blossomed into a network of over 4,000 Clubs, including The Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee.

It was with strong community support that The Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee (BGCL) opened its doors in Adrian in January 2001. For more than 15 years, the BGCL has provided a safe place for youth. In our 15 year history, we have seen exponential growth—requiring progressive, structural change. In 2001, the Club began in a tiny woodshop at Drager Middle School, with only 100 members. In a short time, we outgrew this space and relocated our program to the Adrian Piotter Center. This facility served as our home for 4 years. With membership continuing to grow, the Club needed a even larger facility to call its “forever home.” 

After researching the possibilities, the Board of Directors undertook a $1 Million capital campaign and collaborated with Adrian Public Schools (APS) to convert an unusable middle school pool into a new, dedicated and secure facility for the Club. The new Clubhouse was dedicated on January 3, 2011.

Since moving into the new Clubhouse, our membership has continued to grow. Over 1400 members now look to the Club to meet their need for supportive relationships and to just have FUN. Our staff mentors provide consistent guidance and implement dynamic programs. Together we are enabling youth to reach our organization’s three Priority Outcomes: to achieve academic success, live healthy lifestyles, and develop into leaders of strong character.
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